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So, I am nervous as hell, but excited at the same time. Tonight, 6 pm SLC time on KRCL radioactive I will be interviewed along with a professor from the U, Lisa Diamond, about the sexualization of women in the media. I am praying I don’t make an ass of myself….pray along with me please….

If you would like to listen, join in. If you are out the 801 listening area you can hear a live stream from their website or through iTunes. Just google KRCL radioactive and you will get the homepage.

So, here it goes. My mouthy feminist self finally getting my 15 minutes on community radio……

Peace out!

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    Damn, I didn’t see your post til too late! Is there an archive or something where I can still listen to it? How did it go?

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    I want to hear your words of wisdom as well…..

    Check out my attempt at blogging….

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