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Solar Powered DJ 1

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The Saturday Farmers Market at Pioneer Park, here in SLC, is one of my favorite parts of summer. Either alone, or with some good girlfriends, i love to walk around and enjoy the creativity and local feel of the produce and art. Last week, however, I was introduced to the debut of the solar powered dj. Yes folks, this DJ booth is completely solar powered and it was loud. The speakers on the front provided ample sound to the cover the park (a square city block) and it is completely solar powered. This is hitched to the back of the guys pick-up and he arrives. I just think this is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. Being a tree-huger and lover of the earth, I think this rocks. For one more pic, close-up, click on the link to the flickr account. Peace out!

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    I wish I could have seen this in person, that is pretty cool!

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