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Apparently, when your 2.5 year old female dog whines constantly and carries a squeaky toy in her mouth she is not dying, as I would presume. Rather she is 1) depressed or 2) lonely or 3) suffering from a false pregnancy. Interesting…..good thing it is impossible for her to be pregnant or I would be puttin’ on my granny hat…..

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    We have had a few dogs have false pregnancies, and carry babies around for about week. Strange little creatures!

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    At least your dog does not go Binge and Purge when it’s depressed. When My cat gets depressed, mostly when Stacy is out of town, He will puke all over the house- not jsut regular cat vomit, but large landmines of bile and hair for unsuspecting me to step into when half asleep and barefoot. Just a Reminder that he is there and still loves me……..

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