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Pick of me and the bros at Golden Gate Park. I had not seen Nicky in about 3 years. We had a lot of fun (regardless of my stomach, STUPID STOMACH) and spent most of our time just hanging out and being together. Plus, I got to spend some time learning about video podcast production. Love you guys!

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    what amazing people you are. love you.

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    this is a great photo of you guys! it was great to have you out to visit. ~amy

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    what are the odds that i google you and find your own page after i get your message from check your account.

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    bobbie desabatine 

    hola! i’ve been told you all have your own websites, so i finally found time to dig you up:) miss you guys! i love all of your pics… so fun just to look through. email me sometime and we can catch up…

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