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Just a small story to share. While attending an eat and learn luncheon at a local nursing home I encountered the most amazing experiential gift. I got to hold and love a 1 year old kangaroo. Elliott, a 40 lb 1 year old kangaroo, is a therapy animal at this nursing home. He is blind, which causes him to be a little wary of his surroundings, but he is completely lovable. His caretaker put him on the ground and I got to love him to my heart’s content. His tail is the thickest, hardest muscle I have ever felt in my life and HUGE LONG. However, his fur was the deepest, softest most plush fur I have ever felt. It was as if he had 50 layers of the softest rabbit fur on his body. He sniffed my fingers and allowed me to rub his fur, continuously looking towards his caretaker and being the most gentle creature I have ever encountered. God Bless the Animals.

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    I am seriously beyond jealous!

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    I too, am jealous. That sounds like such an amazing experience. I didn’t know they were that soft! From afar, they look like they would have thick but course hair.

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    Ahhhhh… lucky girl.

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