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As my Utah friends know I am sometimes referred to as the “Vagina Group Lady” by my female clients. My favorite group to teach is women’s health and I spend a great deal of time researching and creating curriculum. So, I peruse several health websites to keep up on the current info and to see the awesome materials put out by others…..but nothing, and I mean NOTHING prepared me for what I saw tonight. a partner of planned parenthood has videos on their website addressing different issues. It would not do this blog justice for me to try and describe what I saw tonight, so I beg, no plead, all who read this entry to go to the link below and watch the How Pregnancy Happens video. Then call me or write me right away with a scale of how hard you laughed and how semi-disturbed you were when you really thought about what you were seeing.

 It is really creative….but way forward in thinking…or maybe I’ve just lived in Utah too long.


Peace Outie 5000!

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