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While there are many tragedies that befall individuals on a daily basis, when they happen to one’s self you start to scream “WHY” to the heavens. While I have yet to get a grey hair I have started being victim to the ravages of age and I am regularly getting evaluations for routine health issues. Soon I will be wearing glasses and talking about my migraine medication to all who will listen. I will find it binds me to nameless persons as we wait patiently in line at the local pharmacy. Discussing “tips” we heard on NPR and what we have read on WebMD. Of course, we are just finding solace in small talk with others, but this fleeting sense of connectedness to another is comforting in the current world.

For those who don’t know, I am having a small mass removed from my genetically enhanced cartoon action heroine breasts and having it biopsied. I am not concerned there is anyting to worry about, but I do find the whole situation a bit unsettling. If I had been lucky enough to be a freakishly cartoon-like women, like Bridgitte Nielson perhaps, I would have some ridiculously stupid line to say like “The changes from the nuclear waste made me invincible to the instruments of man. Now, I might die from a small mutation of my own making.” Not the best written line in comic book history, but surely paints a picture of how powerless not knowing makes you feel.

To add insult to injury, I open my trusty laptop, courtesy of the kind parentals, and the liquid screen is broken. Sure, I can see a small corner of the screen. The microsoft blue shining like the sky after a storm, but I am powerless. Luckily, a compassionate IT guy who does not look down on his tech ignorant friends assisted me in connecting my laptop to my old IBM desktop monitor. God bless him.

So, I find on this lovely Friday evening that the hard drives of both men and God have gone astray in my personal universe and without the proper technicians I have little hope in saving either of them myself.

In Peace….

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