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I haven’t posted in quite some time. As my life has revved up and I’ve taken on every possible change humanly possible – blogging fell to the bottom of my list. However, as blogging is a form of narrative therapy I think I will pick it back up and keep family and friends in the loop.

As everyone who know me knows – I was married on August 12, 2012 to the most wonderful man in the world. Brandon and I had a whirlwind romance and have now been married almost as long as we knew each other before our big day. Adjusting to married life has been fairly easy. The biggest challenge for me has been allowing myself to relax my unrelenting standards and allow someone else to care for me through very loving actions. Coming home and dishes being done or laundry being folded has been a big adjustment. Weird – I know. Also, there are these two beautiful children who are around all the time and make our life even more amazing.

Just yesterday Doober and I laid in bed and she read to me from a book “Janitors”. In between pages we shared a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food. BLISS! The ice cream wouldn’t have been nearly as good without her 9 year old recitation of a supernatural order of janitors keeping our schools safe.

Moby is a bit more in the 12 year old independence stage. She rotates between playing with her sister and wanting to be alone listening to music or watching youtube videos. She is also a budding videographer as she is working on learning the fine points of stop motion animation. She has even published her first youtube video:


She is struggling with frames per second concept, but she is a budding math whiz so I am sure she will get it soon.

As I have moved out of my full time position at Salt Lake Behavioral Health to pursue my PhD aspirations full time many amazing opportunities have opened up – including a potential Post Doc here in Salt Lake City and many opportunities to write for pay. Yeah!

So, without boring the masses I will wrap this up. As a wise loved one once said – you start by starting. This blog entry is an attempt to do just that.


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