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We took the gals to Tanner Dog Park today. It is funny how a dog can sense when you are preparing to take them to their favorite place. As Juan and I slipped on our boots and grabbed our winter gear the dogs started running in circles, chirping and almost exploding with joy. Their favorite activity is fetching a tennis ball, over and over and over and over…Maggie had a little blood on her back paw, which after careful examination was a small cut, probably from the icy ground. Of course, she didn’t care, she continued to run. I love this photo. Such joy and you can tell what beautiful creatures they truly are.

In peace.

Molly & Maggie

Molly & Maggie

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    That is what happy dogs should look like. My dog just lays around being fat. Maybe we will fly him out to live with his favorite aunt 🙂

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