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Sunday, October 28th, 2012 | Author:

I have no other place to write down these thoughts. No where to bleed. Today, with my own eyes, I saw a terrifying and painful thing. I watched my 7 year old Chocolate Lab kill our 8 week old puppy. It was vicious. The puppy’s mistake – trying to eat from Molly’s bowl. You know those movies where everything goes slo-mo and you can see the nightmare unfolding, but can do nothing about it. That was my morning. It was over quick – literally two seconds, but it will haunt me forever. The worst part was my 10 year old Bonus daughter being in the room and me being unable to protect her from the event. Her birthday puppy, killed over a piece of kibble. I am sure a more detached or more poetic person could find a way to make this ending have meaning. Correlate it to a philosophical or political discussion, but I am heartbroken. I will always be heartbroken over today’s events. My lovely chocolate lab that I raised from a five week old puppy has been rehomed with an old friend. No puppy or child will be endangered by being too near her food bowl ever again. I don’t know what to do about Aurora being gone and the pain that was caused by a creature that I love. It is one of those moments in which you would do anything to rewind time and be a split second earlier, to turn left instead of right, to believe that you had the power to create a different outcome. In reality, life is life. It happens as it will and we do the best we can to get through every day. Ten years from now I hope to think back on this day, shudder with grief and move on. I know myself well enough to know that is unlikely, but can pray for peace anyway. If you happen to be a soul that has read these words please put out a prayer to ease my daughter’s suffering. I also hope that you would offer a prayer for any animal that has ever been harmed or is looking for peace, safety and love.