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South Dakota, Colorado & California all have state amendments on the ballot trying to legislate contraceptive rights.

I say it today and I will say it again: You can be pro-choice and anti-abortion. I am pro-choice, but do struggle with abortion. Not because I want to judge someone who has had one (walk a mile in other’s shoe anyone?), but because I feel in our modern age, with the access we have to contraceptives, pregnancy is largely preventable.

So I suggest a new category: pro-responsibility. This would entail comprehensive sex education, insurance funded birth control (Viagra is covered, but the pill isn’t? Does that make f*ing sense to anyone?)

I just love how we say a woman shouldn’t be able to control reproduction through use of hormones ( interfering with God’s divine plan), but if a guy can’t get a hard-on nobody suggests that is God divinely intervening in his ability to reproduce. So, we fully fund Viagra (allowing babies to happen), but Medicaid does not cover birth control. So, I guess the feds think poor people should just abstain from sex within marriage (and out of it?)

Listen, nobody WANTS an abortion. Nobody looks forward to HAVING an abortion. But, when we make it illegal, deny people truthful comprehensive education and fail to provide birth control options, we doom women and children’s ability to be economically self-sufficient and doom our ability to build a healthy population.

Think about it.