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Originally uploaded by Adam Mirski.

The title of this awesome pic, amazon….I found it on flickr….awesome. And it aptly describes the strength I needed to survive Murphy’s week. First, my computer crashed. We’re not talking the guys at the Genius bar kiss it all better either….total lose everything on it kind of crash. My computer is my child, but I problem solved. The next day, I do not get paid. There was a glitch in human resources where they noticed that the bookstore still has me listed as an employee 6 YEARS LATER. So, instead of paying me and figuring it out…..they put my check on hold. This was the proverbial straw. I broke down, cried, bought a huge cup of coffee and then moved on. Prayed for some patience and by the grace of God I made it through……So, technically I wasn’t an amazon all weekend, but this is how I feel today….strong and ready to conquer my world

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