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I don’t like to be scared. I am a total pansy in that regard. So, on a whim Juan and I see a billboard advertising ‘The Village” at This is the Place Heritage Park. For you non-Utahns, this is a park that has collected old original Utah homes, moved them together and conducts “re-enactments” on a daily basis. Much like Parrish Farm in Monticello or like the artisan section of Dollywood. It is usually only open during the day. So, Juan and I attended and it was AWESOME. It was about 1.5 hour tour through the woods, with few lights, through truly haunted buildings and the added addition of creepy cast members. Worth every penny of the $15 entry fee.

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TV Cavemen

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OK. So, I know I should not like this show due to the principle that it was a commercial and flash in the pan marketing…However, that being said it is pretty fricking HILARIOUS. Any show where a character can say: Keep you penis in your genus….Awesome.

I encourage all to give one episode a try and see that it is pretty funny. I find the analysis of race relations in this series similar to what Buffy did in regards to identity development and current events: By creating a setting of far out fiction we allow ourselves to discuss difficult topics without fear.

It is pretty funny…..Log on to and watch the first two 30 minutes episodes online…just for fun.